Recent changes to this wiki:

Adding entries for wheezy 7.4 images.
Updating project status page.
Adding entries for wheezy 7.3 images.
Updating copyright notices for 2014.
Correcting links to packages' statistics.
Updating link for Canaima on wikipedia in project downstream page.
Adding entries for squeeze 6.0.8 images.
Updating task description on team page.
Adding lernstick to project deployments page.
Updating initial paragraph on project deployment page.
Updating build index page.
Updating project status page.
Removing outdated entries in project roadmap page.
Adding entries for wheezy 7.2 images.
Simplifying main description on index page.
Updating main description on index page.
Adding Huayra Linux to project downstream page.
Replacing link to images autobuilder with autobuilder landing page that shows status of the individual autobuilders.
Adding notes where appropriate that the images autobuilder is currently down.
Updating button label in build index page for bootstrap 3.
Dropping html extension to html footers and headers to prevent ikiwiki not including them.
Adding custom apache header and footers for directory index pages.
Updating infrastructure links on team page.
Updating build index page to bootstrap 3.
Updating cgi builder links.
Updating new muted class in page footer.
Correcting syntax error in default class setting for tables.
Adding semplice to project downstream page.
Replacing a few absolute links with relative ones.
Removing now unused touch icons.
Adding correctly sized favicon.
Updating footer in ikiwiki templates for consistency.
Updating content pages for bootstrap version 3.0.0.
Updating ikiwiki template for bootstrap version 3.0.0.
Moving images directory to top-level.
Updating to jquery version 2.0.3.
Adding respond.js.
Updating html5shiv version info.
Updating to bootstrap version 3.0.0.
Updating Live Raizo entry on projects downstream page.
Updating date on status page.
Adding entries for debian 7.1.
Updating to jquery version 2.0.2.
Updating to bootstrap version 2.3.2.
Dropping version number from all todo page.
Dropping version number from live-boot todo page.
Updating live-build todo file.
Updating live-boot todo page.
Updating live-config todo page.
Adding links to Git Data Miner (gitdm) results.
Adding links to Ohloh statistics in devel pages.
Adding links to changelog in devel pages.
Updating roadmap wrt/ Python.
Muting entire page footer.
Muting feedback link in page footer.
Updating build link in navbar for images autobuilder.
Correcting description on index page.
Updating link to images autobuilder.
Updating branding.
Sorting and completing suite specific links on index page.
Updating manpage and manual links on index page to use suites rather than version numbers.
Removing obsolete wheezy rfc page.
Correcting date in news entry for 4.0~a1-1 in live-config devel page.
Completing news entries on live-boot devel page.
Updating status page.
Updating roadmap for 7.0.1.
Adding release and news links to 7.0.0 images.
Updating lifespan page for post-wheezy release.
Updating server location on disclaimer message.
Improving manual links on index page.
Updating various links on the index page for wheezy.
Updating jquery to 2.0.0.
Updating links to old archives.
Adding Kali Linux to project downstream page.
Consistently using the term Images Autobuilder when refering to live-build webfrontents for consistency with general Debian vocabulary.
Adding proof-of-concept l/build content for the future landing page.
Including copyright files for embedded web stuff.
Updating spacelab to version 2.3.1.
Updating jquery to version 1.9.1.
Updating html5shiv to version 3.6.2.
Updating link to track twitter-bootstrap downloads.
Updating file archive link on index page.
Updating twitter-bootstrap to version 2.3.1.
Updating hostname where needed.
Debranding development pages.
Updating my contact information.
Updating ikiwiki setup for updated repository name.
Adding news and release entries for 6.0.7.
Switching link for 5.0.10 images from live.d.n to cdimage.d.o.
Adding bug numbers for 7.0~rc1 for as reference.
Adding news and release entries for 7.0~rc1.
Removing commented list of alioth past project members.
Bumping date on project status page.
Adding note about pinning udebs in live-build on project roadmap page.
Updating wheezy todo page.
Updating list of people to accomodate the last couple of years.
Updating live-manual news entries.
Adding news entry for live-boot 3.0.0-1.
Removing autologin issue with lightdm in live-config on wheezy todo page, issue solved.
Removing eth entry from wheezy to do list, already done.