9.4. Collect information

Please provide enough information with your report. At a minimum, it should contain the exact version of live-helper version where the bug is encountered, and steps to reproduce it. Please use common sense and include other relevant information if you think that it might help in solving the problem.

To make the most out of your bug report, we require at least the following information:

You can generate a log of the build process by using the tee command:

 # lh_build 2>&1 | tee buildlog.txt

Additionally, to rule out other errors, it is always a good idea to tar up your config directory and upload it somewhere (do *not* send it as an attachment to the mailinglist), so that we can try to reproduce the errors you encountered.

Remember to send in any logs that were produced with English locale settings, e.g. run your live-helper commands with a leading LC_ALL=C or LC_ALL=en_US.