3.2. First steps: building an ISO image

The following sequence of helper commands, provided by live-helper, will create a basic ISO image containing just the Debian standard system without X.org. It is suitable for burning to CD or DVD media.

First, we run the lh config helper command which will create a "config/" hierarchy in the current directory for use by other helper commands:

$ lh config

By passing no parameters to lh config we indicated that we wish to use the defaults. This will create an image of type binary (see Section 4.1.1, “The lh config helper”).

Now that we have a "config/" hierarchy, we may build the image with the lh build helper command:

# lh build

This process can take a while, depending on the speed of your network connection (see Section 4.1.2, “The lh build helper”).

3.2.1. Testing an ISO image with Qemu

Testing an ISO is simple:

# apt-get install qemu
$ qemu -cdrom binary.iso

3.2.2. Burning an ISO image to a physical medium

Burning an ISO image is easy:

# apt-get install wodim
$ wodim binary.iso