LIVE-TOOLS(7) Live Systems Project LIVE-TOOLS(7)


live-tools - System Support Scripts


live-tools contains additional support scripts for live systems.


live-tools currently contains the following tools. live-update-initramfs(8) writes out updated kernel and initrd images to the live media. This wrapper replaces the update-initramfs command provided by the initramfs-tools package. live-update-initramfs-uuid updates UUID in an existing initramfs image. live-toram copies running system to RAM in order to eject the live media. live-system determines if running system is a live system. live-uptime(1) tells how long the system has been running (works with LXC). This wrapper replaces the uptime command provided by the procps package. live-persistence(1) switches a non-persistent system to using persistence at runtime.


live-boot(7) live-build(7) live-config(7)


More information about live-tools and the Live Systems project can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


Bugs can be reported by submitting a bugreport for the live-tools pack‐ age in the Bug Tracking System at <> or by writ‐ ing a mail to the Live Systems mailing list at <>.


live-tools was written by Daniel Baumann <>.

4.0.0-1 2014-08-27 LIVE-TOOLS(7)