LIVE-BUILD(1) Live Systems Project LIVE-BUILD(1)


live-build - Live System Build Components


lb bootstrap-includes [--verbose] lb bootstrap-includes [--help] lb bootstrap-includes [--version]


live-build contains the components to build a live system from a con‐ figuration directory. The lb bootstrap-includes command copies include files into the boot‐ strap stage.


lb bootstrap-includes copies any include files found in the con‐ fig/includes and config/includes.bootstrap directories within the con‐ figuration directory. Include files do not require to have a specific owner nor specific per‐ missions. The files are set to be owned by root by lb boot‐ strap-includes automatically when they are copied, original permissions of the files are preserved. Specific owners can be set with a corre‐ sponding hook file, see lb-bootstrap-hooks(1) for more information about hooks. Include files in the config/includes directory are copied first, include files in the config/includes.bootstrap directory are copied second. Files present in the chroot and either of the include directo‐ ries are silently overwritten, the later file replaces the earlier.


--verbose sets verbose option (default: False). -h, --help show help message and exit. --version show program's version number and exit.


config/includes: generic include files. config/includes.bootstrap: include files specific for the bootstrap stage. chroot: directory in which the include files are copied into.


lb-chroot-includes(1) lb-binary-includes(1) lb-source-includes(1)


More information about live-build and the Live Systems project can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


Bugs can be reported by submitting a bugreport for the live-build pack‐ age in the Bug Tracking System at <> or by writ‐ ing a mail to the Live Systems mailing list at <>.


live-build was written by Daniel Baumann <>.

4.0~alpha39-1 2014-07-24 LIVE-BUILD(1)