LIVE-BUILD(1) Live Systems Project LIVE-BUILD(1)


live-build - Live System Build Components


lb chroot-hooks [--verbose] lb chroot-hooks [--help] lb chroot-hooks [--version]


live-build contains the components to build a live system from a con‐ figuration directory. The lb chroot-hooks command executes hook files after the chroot stage.


lb chroot-hooks executes any hook files found in the config/hooks directory within the configuration directory. Hook files do not require to have a specific owner nor specific permis‐ sions. They are marked executable by lb chroot-hooks automatically when they are executed. Hook files must either have the suffix *.hook or *.hook.chroot. Hook files with the suffix *.hook are executed first, hook files with the suffix *.hook.chroot are executed second. Hook files are executed in alphanumberical order by lb chroot-hooks. If one hook file depends on being run after another, best practise is to use number prefixes (nnnn, starting with 0001) to ensure the order of execution. Hook files are copied into the chroot/live-build directory by lb chroot-hooks. They are executed from within the chroot directory (chrooted) and can read the configuration directory in /live-build/con‐ fig within the chroot directory.


--verbose sets verbose option (default: False). -h, --help show help message and exit. --version show program's version number and exit.


config/hooks/*.hook: generic hook files. config/hooks/*.hook.chroot: hook files specific for the chroot stage. chroot: directory in which the hook files are executed. chroot/live-build/config: bind mounted configuration directory within the chroot directory to be read by hook files. chroot/live-build: directory in which hook files are copied.


lb-bootstrap-hooks(1) lb-binary-hooks(1) lb-source-hooks(1)


More information about live-build and the Live Systems project can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


Bugs can be reported by submitting a bugreport for the live-build pack‐ age in the Bug Tracking System at <> or by writ‐ ing a mail to the Live Systems mailing list at <>.


live-build was written by Daniel Baumann <>. 4.0~alpha39-1 2014-07-24 LIVE-BUILD(1)