ownerBen Armstrong
last changeThu, 17 Jun 2010 11:35:55 +0000 (08:35 -0300)
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongSimplify expectations for next steps master
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongExplain empty Given: provided by Before hook
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongRemove no longer needed steps
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongMove tmpdir into hooks where it belongs
2010-06-15 Ben ArmstrongStub out build, status
2010-06-14 Ben Armstrongclean up generalized step
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongAdd a couple of ideas related to build/log colorization
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongGiven an image configuration exists
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongSave lw instance for following steps
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongCreating 'auto/' is really creating a config
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongRefactor: run_lw, with_lw helpers
2010-06-11 Ben Armstrongscripts renamed to auto
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongNew live-helper now must be called with 'noauto' in...
2010-06-11 Ben Armstronguse by default
2010-06-11 Ben Armstrongscripts is renamed to auto in latest live-helper
2010-06-11 Ben Armstronglog is actually named binary.log
5 years ago master