2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongSimplify expectations for next steps master
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongExplain empty Given: provided by Before hook
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongRemove no longer needed steps
2010-06-17 Ben ArmstrongMove tmpdir into hooks where it belongs
2010-06-15 Ben ArmstrongStub out build, status
2010-06-14 Ben Armstrongclean up generalized step
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongAdd a couple of ideas related to build/log colorization
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongGiven an image configuration exists
2010-06-14 Ben ArmstrongSave lw instance for following steps
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongCreating 'auto/' is really creating a config
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongRefactor: run_lw, with_lw helpers
2010-06-11 Ben Armstrongscripts renamed to auto
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongNew live-helper now must be called with 'noauto' in...
2010-06-11 Ben Armstronguse by default
2010-06-11 Ben Armstrongscripts is renamed to auto in latest live-helper
2010-06-11 Ben Armstronglog is actually named binary.log
2010-06-11 Ben ArmstrongConfirm rspec deb can be used; split devel doc deps
2010-06-08 Ben ArmstrongUniformly capture stdout/stderr for cmdline vs. class...
2010-06-08 Ben Armstrongexplicitly require fileutils
2010-02-06 Ben ArmstrongRun cli instead of just calling into the class
2010-02-06 Ben ArmstrongSupport running cli, borrowed from cucumber itself
2010-02-06 Ben ArmstrongPlatform-specific constants so we can tweak if needed
2010-01-27 Ben ArmstrongEnter tmpdir after creating and exit before removing
2010-01-25 Ben ArmstrongRemaining two features also require project dir
2010-01-25 Ben ArmstrongFeatures now exercise whole stack, from view down
2010-01-25 Ben Armstrongcli.rb: Add an error stream
2010-01-25 Ben ArmstrongConvenience method not needed now
2010-01-23 Ben ArmstrongSome open questions about MVC; OptionParser
2010-01-22 Ben ArmstrongMinimal bin wrapper for cli
2010-01-20 Ben Armstrongspec.opts: colour and diff style
2010-01-20 Ben ArmstrongAdd features task
2010-01-20 Ben ArmstrongRefactor as MVC: move view from Controller -> CL
2010-01-20 Ben ArmstrongRefactor as MVC: rename Core -> Controller
2010-01-19 Ben ArmstrongNeed to refactor
2010-01-19 Ben ArmstrongMake init spec pass
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongREADME: librspec-ruby1.8 in debian may work
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongTODO: specs can now be run via rake; README: state...
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongMove data to subdirectory so config.rb will install...
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongRakefile: add spec task; ensure doc:developer can be...
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongAdd setup.rb
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongAdd some initial specs
2010-01-18 Ben ArmstrongTODO - update/reorder: need CLI soon
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongUpdate TODO: Rakefile done; next: specs, Config, CLI
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongClarify developer bias for ruby over python
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongOutput message indicating project was created
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongInitial code to populate project dir from default template
2010-01-16 Ben Armstrongstep definitions: start the project, populate from...
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongProvide default template
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lear/~synrg/projects...
2010-01-16 Ben ArmstrongGenerate html doc from freemind mindmap
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongFix temporary directory cleanup
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongRefactor hooks into support/hooks.rb and apply only...
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongAdd copyright details
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongUse address
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongDrop autoproject idea, initial commit now done, expand...
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongExecute scenario in a temporary directory
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongIgnore vim swap files
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongInitial step definitions with first step passing
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongCreate features for first iteration
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongTell cucumber to use ruby
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongDefault cucumber options
2010-01-15 Ben ArmstrongSpelling correction: end user
2009-12-27 Ben ArmstrongInitial commit