descriptionLive System Support Scripts
ownerLive Systems Maintainers
last changeSun, 23 Aug 2015 09:09:26 +0000 (11:09 +0200)
2015-08-23 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a2-1. debian debian/5.0_a2-1
2015-08-14 Daniel BaumannWrap and sort debian control file.
2015-08-13 Daniel BaumannCorrecting year for live-partial-squashfs in copyright...
2015-08-13 Daniel BaumannDropping useless header in live-tools initscript.
2015-08-13 Daniel BaumannUpdating copyright headers in source files.
2015-05-23 Richard NelsonInitial commit to move from aufs to overlay in bin...
2015-05-23 Richard NelsonUpdate copyright on bin/live-partial-squashfs-updates.
2015-05-23 Richard NelsonUpdate copyright for 2015 in debian/copyright.
2015-05-23 Richard NelsonCorrect filename for live-partial-squashfs-updates...
2015-04-27 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a1-1. debian/5.0_a1-1
2015-04-27 Daniel BaumannDropping pre-jessie upgrade handling.
2014-12-10 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0.2-1. debian/4.0.2-1
2014-12-10 Daniel BaumannRemoving left-over divertion on procps when upgrading...
2014-09-18 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0.1-1. debian/4.0.1-1
2014-09-18 Daniel BaumannRemoving live-uptime, doesn't really belong here.
2014-09-18 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.9.6.
3 months ago debian/5.0_a2-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a2-1.
7 months ago debian/4.0.2-1.1 Tagging debian version 4.0.2-1.1.
7 months ago debian/5.0_a1-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a1-1.
11 months ago debian/4.0.2-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.2-1.
14 months ago upstream/4.0.1 Tagging upstream version 4.0.1.
14 months ago debian/4.0.1-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.1-1.
15 months ago upstream/4.0.0 Tagging upstream version 4.0.0.
15 months ago debian/4.0.0-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.0-1.
17 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha19 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha19.
17 months ago debian/4.0_alpha19-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha19-1.
17 months ago debian/4.0_alpha18-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha18-1.
20 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha18 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha18.
2 years ago debian/4.0_alpha17-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha17-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha16 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha16.
2 years ago debian/4.0_alpha16-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha16-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha15 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha15.
2 months ago debian-next
3 months ago debian
7 months ago debian-old-4.0
14 months ago pristine-tar
14 months ago upstream
2 years ago debian-old-3.0
3 years ago master