2014-02-10 Daniel BaumannAdding entries for wheezy 7.4 images. master
2014-02-08 Daniel BaumannUpdating project status page.
2014-02-08 Daniel BaumannAdding entries for wheezy 7.3 images.
2014-02-08 Daniel BaumannUpdating copyright notices for 2014.
2013-11-09 chalsCorrecting links to packages' statistics.
2013-10-30 Daniel BaumannUpdating link for Canaima on wikipedia in project downs...
2013-10-21 Daniel BaumannAdding entries for squeeze 6.0.8 images.
2013-10-17 Daniel BaumannUpdating task description on team page.
2013-10-17 Daniel BaumannAdding lernstick to project deployments page.
2013-10-17 Daniel BaumannUpdating initial paragraph on project deployment page.
2013-10-15 Daniel BaumannUpdating build index page.
2013-10-15 Daniel BaumannUpdating project status page.
2013-10-15 Daniel BaumannRemoving outdated entries in project roadmap page.
2013-10-15 Daniel BaumannAdding entries for wheezy 7.2 images.
2013-10-14 Daniel BaumannSimplifying main description on index page.
2013-10-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating main description on index page.
2013-09-19 Daniel BaumannAdding Huayra Linux to project downstream page.
2013-09-17 Daniel BaumannReplacing link to images autobuilder with autobuilder...
2013-09-17 Daniel BaumannAdding notes where appropriate that the images autobuil...
2013-09-17 Daniel BaumannUpdating button label in build index page for bootstrap 3.
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannDropping html extension to html footers and headers...
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannAdding custom apache header and footers for directory...
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannUpdating infrastructure links on team page.
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannUpdating build index page to bootstrap 3.
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannUpdating cgi builder links.
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannUpdating new muted class in page footer.
2013-09-16 Daniel BaumannCorrecting syntax error in default class setting for...
2013-09-09 Daniel BaumannAdding semplice to project downstream page.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannReplacing a few absolute links with relative ones.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannRemoving now unused touch icons.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannAdding correctly sized favicon.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating footer in ikiwiki templates for consistency.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating content pages for bootstrap version 3.0.0.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating ikiwiki template for bootstrap version 3.0.0.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannMoving images directory to top-level.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating to jquery version 2.0.3.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannAdding respond.js.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating html5shiv version info.
2013-09-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating to bootstrap version 3.0.0.
2013-09-01 Daniel BaumannUpdating Live Raizo entry on projects downstream page.
2013-08-23 Daniel BaumannUpdating date on status page.
2013-08-23 Daniel BaumannAdding entries for debian 7.1.
2013-06-20 Daniel BaumannUpdating to jquery version 2.0.2.
2013-06-20 Daniel BaumannUpdating to bootstrap version 2.3.2.
2013-06-19 Daniel BaumannDropping version number from all todo page.
2013-06-19 Daniel BaumannDropping version number from live-boot todo page.
2013-05-28 Daniel BaumannUpdating live-build todo file.
2013-05-28 Daniel BaumannUpdating live-boot todo page.
2013-05-22 Daniel BaumannUpdating live-config todo page.
2013-05-12 Daniel BaumannAdding links to Git Data Miner (gitdm) results.
2013-05-12 Daniel BaumannAdding links to Ohloh statistics in devel pages.
2013-05-08 Daniel BaumannAdding links to changelog in devel pages.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating roadmap wrt/ Python.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannMuting entire page footer.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannMuting feedback link in page footer.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating build link in navbar for images autobuilder.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannCorrecting description on index page.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating link to images autobuilder.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating branding.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannSorting and completing suite specific links on index...
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating manpage and manual links on index page to...
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannRemoving obsolete wheezy rfc page.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannCorrecting date in news entry for 4.0~a1-1 in live...
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannCompleting news entries on live-boot devel page.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating status page.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating roadmap for 7.0.1.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannAdding release and news links to 7.0.0 images.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating lifespan page for post-wheezy release.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating server location on disclaimer message.
2013-05-05 Daniel BaumannImproving manual links on index page.
2013-05-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating various links on the index page for wheezy.
2013-04-19 Daniel BaumannUpdating jquery to 2.0.0.
2013-04-10 Daniel BaumannUpdating links to old archives.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannAdding Kali Linux to project downstream page.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannConsistently using the term Images Autobuilder when...
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannAdding proof-of-concept l/build content for the future...
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannIncluding copyright files for embedded web stuff.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating spacelab to version 2.3.1.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating jquery to version 1.9.1.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating html5shiv to version 3.6.2.
2013-03-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating link to track twitter-bootstrap downloads.
2013-03-12 Daniel BaumannUpdating file archive link on index page.
2013-03-12 Daniel BaumannUpdating twitter-bootstrap to version 2.3.1.
2013-03-11 Daniel BaumannUpdating hostname where needed.
2013-03-11 Daniel BaumannDebranding development pages.
2013-03-11 Daniel BaumannUpdating my contact information.
2013-03-11 Daniel BaumannUpdating ikiwiki setup for updated repository name.
2013-03-04 Daniel BaumannAdding news and release entries for 6.0.7.
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannSwitching link for 5.0.10 images from live.d.n to cdima...
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannAdding bug numbers for 7.0~rc1 for as reference.
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannAdding news and release entries for 7.0~rc1.
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannRemoving commented list of alioth past project members.
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannBumping date on project status page.
2013-03-03 Daniel BaumannAdding note about pinning udebs in live-build on projec...
2013-03-02 Daniel BaumannUpdating wheezy todo page.
2013-02-17 Daniel BaumannUpdating list of people to accomodate the last couple...
2013-02-17 Daniel BaumannUpdating live-manual news entries.
2013-02-15 Daniel BaumannAdding news entry for live-boot 3.0.0-1.
2013-02-14 Daniel BaumannRemoving autologin issue with lightdm in live-config...
2013-02-12 Daniel BaumannRemoving eth entry from wheezy to do list, already...