2012-02-26 Daniel BaumannUpdating copyright file machine-readable format version... master
2012-02-26 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.9.3.
2012-01-15 Daniel BaumannUpdating to debhelper version 9.
2011-10-08 Daniel BaumannUsing compression level 9 also for binary packages.
2011-10-08 Daniel BaumannSwitching to source format 3.0 (native).
2011-04-23 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.9.2.
2010-08-02 Chris LambAdd a very pretty notice about the current server
2010-08-02 Tim RetoutUse mailto links on the FAQ page
2010-08-02 Chris LambAdd "How long will my image be available" FAQ entry
2010-08-02 Chris LambRemove invalid extra </p>
2010-08-02 Chris LambFix typos in FAQ. Thanks to Tim Retout <diocles@debian...
2010-08-02 Chris LambAdd message about using a real email address.
2010-08-02 Chris LambMake it clearer that you get an email when the build...
2010-08-02 Chris LambRemove bullets from wizard.
2010-08-02 Chris LambCredit Kalle Söderman for the design
2010-08-02 Chris LambRemove infobar
2010-08-02 Chris LambMake homepage nicer
2010-08-02 Chris LambDon't show "home" link on home page
2010-08-02 Chris LambSwap register/login
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd LXDE desktop.
2010-08-01 Chris LambFix names of {kde,gnome}-desktop. Thanks, dba
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy configuration view page
2010-08-01 Chris LambBetter enqueued message
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy <abbr>
2010-08-01 Chris LambMake action buttons consistent.
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove the ajax thingie for now.
2010-08-01 Chris LambEverything is hidden behind "lh" now
2010-08-01 Chris LambUse style="font-family: monospace" over <tt> as it...
2010-08-01 Chris LambUse double-quotes for user-visible strings.
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd a bit more help
2010-08-01 Chris LambDon't prefix title with "Config:"
2010-08-01 Chris LambRename 'Configurations' to 'My configurations'
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove vertical padding from 'Next' button.
2010-08-01 Chris LambTry and keep the 'next' button at the same vertical...
2010-08-01 Chris LambPrevent main column text from overriding the 'stages...
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove the images for now.
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove trademark notice.
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy "my configurations" page.
2010-08-01 Chris LambOrder Config's by reverse date by default
2010-08-01 Chris LambChange "home" link on top navigation if you are logged in
2010-08-01 Chris LambMake the wizard a bit nicer with a side menu
2010-08-01 Chris LambFix cosmetic typo
2010-08-01 Chris LambNicer bubble messages
2010-08-01 Chris LambStub out the FAQ
2010-08-01 Chris LambFix references to greydot.png
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd breadcrumbs for some of the config pages.
2010-08-01 Chris LambNo need for extra titlage
2010-08-01 Chris LambFloat the logos out of the way.
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd breadcrumbs around the site
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd overridable breadcrumbs
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy the breadcrumbs a little
2010-08-01 Chris LambRevert the height change of the navigation bar
2010-08-01 Chris LambFixup last Pics/ references
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove the hover action for the navbar
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove change of colour when link is visited
2010-08-01 Chris LambLogout button should say "logout", not "login"
2010-08-01 Chris LambPrint log when starting the queue runner
2010-08-01 Chris LambShoehorn in kjs's nice web design
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy logout page
2010-08-01 Chris LambTurn this off for a bit - can probably use different...
2010-08-01 Chris LambProof of concept for shiny automatic scrolling log
2010-08-01 Chris LambMake 'Build' button bigger.
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd title to build history table
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd empty live-studio.js
2010-08-01 Chris LambDepend on a relatively recent version of libjs-jquery
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd jquery to base template
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd jquery.js (from libjs-jquery)
2010-08-01 Chris LambWait for ages when restarting queue_runner.
2010-08-01 Chris LambIgnore signals when building an image so that upgrades...
2010-08-01 Chris LambTidy enqueued column
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd missing whitespace
2010-08-01 Chris LambMake messages a bit more obvious (but uglier)
2010-08-01 Chris LambShinier 'Next' button
2010-08-01 Chris LambRemove ugly step counts at the bottom of the wizard
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd "2. " prefix to wizard page titles.
2010-08-01 Chris LambUse a block override to do the current page title on...
2010-08-01 Chris LambMake 'Add new configuration' title smaller.
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd to the configuration wizard
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd Build.__unicode__
2010-08-01 Chris LambAdd favicon.ico
2010-08-01 Chris LambMove 'media' directory to 'htdocs'.
2010-08-01 Chris DNS seems to be working now.
2010-07-31 Chris LambUpdate the database last.
2010-07-31 Chris LambMake the queue runner more resilient and also a bit...
2010-07-31 Chris LambLog output of the runner so we can find bugs.
2010-07-31 Chris LambUse a slighly saner From: header
2010-07-31 Chris LambSend emails when build completes
2010-07-31 Chris LambAlso set attributes on the local object.
2010-07-31 Chris LambPrint the exception first in case update(..) fails
2010-07-31 Chris LambGive the images a nicer suffix.
2010-07-31 Chris Lambpython-daemon is really weird and I can't get it to...
2010-07-31 Chris LambDon't bother showing just one bit of the configuration
2010-07-31 Chris LambNeed to increase the size of the field too.
2010-07-30 Chris Lamb--debian-installer accepts {true,false} not {yes,no}
2010-07-30 Chris LambEnsure timezones are stored correctly
2010-07-30 Chris LambNo need for with_statement now
2010-07-30 Chris LambWrite a real pidfile to the location specified so that...
2010-07-30 Chris LambRoles are under settings, not live_studio
2010-07-30 Chris LambSpecify 'full' path on the live site due to some funny...
2010-07-30 Chris LambActually try and build an image..