2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 20100501-1. debian-old-1.0
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating maintainer field.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Minor typo fixes and edits to customization/packages.xml
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannCorrecting some formatings in packages.xml.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Reformat and rewrap.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... remove "_" from command names.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Improved live-initramfs section. Added link to kernel...
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Update default config/ listing, put _ back in manpage...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUsing common form for writing of 'self-contained' xml...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRewrapping Overview chapter to the usual 80 chars per...
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Fixing some typos, more "_" removals from command names.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Rewrapping and reformating xml for the Overview chapter.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Fix for minor typo.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRewrapping and reformating xml for the Basics chapter.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Edits to netboot image subsection.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRewrapping and reformating xml for the About chapter.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... More typo fixes, minor rewordings and lh_* conversions.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Fixing some typos and breaking up some long sentences.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Fix minor typos and remove underscore from lh_config.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Add a missing comma, remove _ from lh_config, minor...
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Fixing very minor typo in git contribution instructions.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Minor typo fixes in definitions of distro names.
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Adding definition for Target Distribution
2011-03-09 Eric Dantan... Adding a definition for d-i.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding bug-presubj file.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUnifying comments in rules file.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 20100301-1.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating contact information in copyright file.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannImproving note about changed behaviour of local package...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating misc deb urls.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReplacing references to alioth with
2011-03-09 Marco AmadoriPersistence: how to change filesystem labels.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannCorrecting syntax error in installation.xml.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRemoving notes for etch.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating homepage field in control.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.8.4.
2011-03-09 intrigeriAdding note about l-h 2.x local packageslist behaviour.
2011-03-09 Ben ArmstrongImproving explanation of chroot_local-includes.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing version 20100101-1.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating year in copyright notices.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpgrading to standards version 3.8.3.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating build index page.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding explicit debian source version 1.0 until switch...
2011-03-09 Richard NelsonAdded entry for WiFi Connection in common-tasts.xml
2011-03-09 Richard NelsonRemove trailing whitespace on common-tasts.xml
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating git repository location in build index.html.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating vcs fields.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating links to source code to reflect the new locati...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating location of git package snapshots.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannBumping versioned build-depends on debhelper.
2011-03-09 Frédéric BoiteuxAdd a description of 'hostname' parameter.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding entity for live-manual.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRemoving unused css definition in build html index...
2011-03-09 Tshepang LekhonkhobeAddeding info on how to build Lenny images with a newer...
2011-03-09 rjentAdded notes on persistent-subtext
2011-03-09 Chris LambAdd point release announcement template to "Procedures...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing version 20090801-1.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding note about checking for known issues before...
2011-03-09 Charles JohnsonCorrection to the sense of snapshots + file deletion...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannTidy debhelper install file.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannTemporarily prevent test suite to be run in rules as...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding a reference to the 'howto contribute' section...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannMinimizing rules file.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding misc depends.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.8.2.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannRenaming purge target in Makefile to distclean for...
2011-03-09 Charles JohnsonCorrecting various copy-editing issues.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding procedure note about uploading udebs.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUsing correct rfc-2822 date formats in changelog.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing version 20090401-1.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding note about using English locales when sending...
2011-03-09 Maximilian... Added a few notes on how to include the Debian Installer.
2011-03-09 Maximilian... Merged partly from Wiki:
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating po4a configuration.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding French po files from Flori Laurent <flori.lauren...
2011-03-09 Maximilian... Added a section describing the creation of a second...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding lernstick to projects using debian-live.
2011-03-09 Geoff SimmonsCorrecting one grammar and three spelling errors.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdding author Jonas Stein
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdding / in closing </> tag.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdded Netboot_Testing_HowTo section from the old wikipages.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdding sources in other languages to linklist.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdding some references from the wiki. Fixed broken...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannCorrecting previous additions to git commit instructions.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinAdding further steps for using git to contribute to...
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannSome more notes about commiting to the repository.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinFixing typo fetcht.
2011-03-09 Jonas SteinFixing typo tipically.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannCorrecting indenting in git commit instructions.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannImproving git commit instructions.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAdding git commit instructions.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannAlso updating git location in autobuild html index.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 20090301-1.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating git location.
2011-03-09 Daniel BaumannPrefixing debhelper files with package name.
2011-03-09 Chris LambUse "are built" instead of "are build"
2011-03-09 Chris LambRemove space from <sect/> "id" attribute to avoid space...
2011-03-09 Chris LambExpand long description a little.
2011-03-09 Chris LambMove most remaining Build-Depends into Build-Depends...
2011-03-09 Chris LambRemove 'make' from Build-Depends - it is build essential.