2010-09-17 Daniel BaumannRemoving undistributable Debian logo (Closes: #597237).
2010-09-15 Daniel BaumannMoving reviewed other_customization-packages to user...
2010-09-15 Daniel BaumannUpdating other_customization-packages for squeeze.
2010-09-09 Daniel BaumannAlso copying sisu dotfiles into language specific build...
2010-09-09 Daniel BaumannUsing same languages in autobuild as in build.
2010-09-09 Daniel BaumannSkipping pdf files in autobuild for the moment, sisu...
2010-09-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating autobuild related things to sisu pathes.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannAdding mandatory spaces for include lines, otherwise...
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannMoving reviewed other_overview to user section.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating other_overview for squeeze.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannRemoving old French partial translation, based on etch...
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannRegenerating po files.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannMoving reviewed other_basics to user section.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating other_basics for squeeze.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannReplacing forgotten reference to live-helper with live...
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannMoving reviewed other_installation to user section.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating other_installation for squeeze.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating about_manual for squeeze.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating regex for package markups.
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a5-1. debian/2.0_a5-1
2010-09-07 Daniel BaumannReorganising packaging into output format specific...
2010-09-06 Daniel BaumannUpdating gitignore file.
2010-09-06 Daniel BaumannUpdating distclean target in makefile.
2010-09-06 Daniel BaumannAutobuild incomplete translations regardless if they...
2010-09-06 Daniel BaumannUpdating autobuild target in makefile.
2010-08-14 Daniel BaumannCorrecting spelling error in a previous changelog entry.
2010-08-14 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a4-1. debian/2.0_a4-1
2010-08-14 Daniel BaumannSwitching from DocBook to SiSU.
2010-07-27 Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.9.1.
2010-07-15 Ben ArmstrongAdd content to Hooks section
2010-07-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a3-1. debian/2.0_a3-1
2010-07-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating package to standards version 3.9.0.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannRefreshing po files.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannAlso including the combined xml file in the package.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannConverting live-environment.xml to UTF-8.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannConverting basics.xml to UTF-8.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannUsing combined xml file within build tree.
2010-07-06 Daniel BaumannAdding identity.xsl.
2010-07-05 Daniel BaumannSorting build instructions per format.
2010-07-03 Richard NelsonAdded VMWare-Player use-case and minor cleanup on vnc...
2010-06-29 Daniel BaumannUpdating contribution instructions wrt/ commit target...
2010-06-28 Daniel BaumannAdding libxml2-utils to list of recommendet packages...
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a2-1. debian/2.0_a2-1
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannAlso using an entity for the current year in the copyri...
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannUpdating about chapter for squeeze.
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannRegenerating po files.
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannAdding new user, devel, and project parts.
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannRe-organising source tree into individual directories...
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannAdding localized language name on index page.
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannDropping external entities to workaround an alleged...
2010-06-12 Daniel BaumannUpdating various copyright headers (year, GPL boilerpla...
2010-06-08 Daniel BaumannAdding commit target in top-level makefie to easy pre...
2010-06-08 Nick NiktarisAdded howto section, merged ISO and ISO_multiarch from...
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding German translation for autobuild index page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding timestamp for last change in addition to last...
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannTidy all files and regenerating po files.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding tidy target.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannRewrapping about_project page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannMarking English as bold on autobuild index page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a1-1. debian/2.0_a1-1
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding single-page html output (Closes: #541452).
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannCorrecting updating of build index page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannUpdating autobuild index page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannRedoing build system from scratch and adding automatic...
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannMerging Makefile.common into Makefile.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding html-single xsl stylesheet.
2010-06-04 Nick NiktarisAdded Troubleshooting from Wiki
2010-06-04 Nick NiktarisAdded FAQ from no18 to no57. Done with FAQ
2010-06-04 Nick NiktarisAdded FAQ from no12 to no18.
2010-05-26 Ben ArmstrongTypo fix; drop para re directly editing config/binary...
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisAdding FAQ from no1 to no11 from the wiki.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisRemoving webconverger from success stories.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisAdding webconverger to success stories from Wiki.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisMerging testing Qemu, Virtualbox, VMware from Wiki.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisRenaming internalization.xml.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisFixing wrong filename of internalization.xml.
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisAdding l10n from
2010-05-24 Nick NiktarisAdding l10n from
2010-05-14 Richard NelsonAdded Use Case VNC Kiosk Client.
2010-05-12 Richard NelsonAdded Success Stories chapter.
2010-05-12 Richard NelsonAdded Use Cases chapter.
2010-05-10 Daniel BaumannUpdating debian mirror requirements in procedures.
2010-05-10 Daniel BaumannUsing consistent parameter settings in html.xsl.
2010-05-01 Daniel BaumannRemoving section about projects reusing debian-live...
2010-05-01 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 20100501-1. debian/20100501-1
2010-04-18 Daniel BaumannUpdating maintainer field.
2010-04-12 Eric Dantan... Minor typo fixes and edits to customization/packages.xml
2010-04-11 Daniel BaumannCorrecting some formatings in packages.xml.
2010-04-11 Eric Dantan... Reformat and rewrap.
2010-04-11 Eric Dantan... remove "_" from command names.
2010-04-11 Eric Dantan... Improved live-initramfs section. Added link to kernel...
2010-04-11 Eric Dantan... Update default config/ listing, put _ back in manpage...
2010-04-10 Daniel BaumannUsing common form for writing of 'self-contained' xml...
2010-04-10 Daniel BaumannRewrapping Overview chapter to the usual 80 chars per...
2010-04-10 Eric Dantan... Fixing some typos, more "_" removals from command names.
2010-04-10 Eric Dantan... Rewrapping and reformating xml for the Overview chapter.
2010-04-10 Eric Dantan... Fix for minor typo.
2010-04-10 Daniel BaumannRewrapping and reformating xml for the Basics chapter.
2010-04-10 Eric Dantan... Edits to netboot image subsection.
2010-04-10 Daniel BaumannRewrapping and reformating xml for the About chapter.