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2010-09-09 Daniel BaumannUpdating autobuild related things to sisu pathes.
2010-08-14 Daniel BaumannSwitching from DocBook to SiSU.
2010-06-18 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 2.0~a2-1. debian/2.0_a2-1
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding German translation for autobuild index page.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding timestamp for last change in addition to last...
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannTidy all files and regenerating po files.
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannAdding single-page html output (Closes: #541452).
2010-06-06 Daniel BaumannRedoing build system from scratch and adding automatic...