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2015-08-23 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 1:5.0~a2-1. debian
2015-08-14 Daniel BaumannWrap and sort debian control file.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriUpdating Japanese translation.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriRemoving 'jessie' from bold formatting, Japanese transl...
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriCorrecting mirror predirector's url in user_customizati...
2015-08-02 victorySync Japanese translations.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriUpdating French translation.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriUpdating Spanish translation.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriUpdating Catalan translation.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriUpdating translation files from original English texts.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriRemoving 'jessie' from bold type.
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriRemoving references to cdebootstrap since it is not...
2015-08-02 Carlos ZuferriSubstituting for
2015-05-18 Carlos ZuferriAdding debian/changelog to list of files.
2015-05-17 Carlos ZuferriAdding debian/changelog to check-spelling.
2015-05-01 Carlos ZuferriUpdating French translation.
7 months ago debian/5.0_a1-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a1-1.
7 months ago debian/4.0.3-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.3-1.
11 months ago debian/4.0.2-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.2-1.
13 months ago upstream/4.0.1 Tagging upstream version 4.0.1.
13 months ago debian/4.0.1-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.1-1.
14 months ago upstream/4.0.0 Tagging upstream version 4.0.0.
14 months ago debian/4.0.0-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.0-1.
15 months ago debian/4.0_alpha13-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha13-1.
15 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha13 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha13.
19 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha12 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha12.
19 months ago debian/4.0_alpha12-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha12-1.
19 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha11 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha11.
19 months ago debian/4.0_alpha11-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha11-1.
22 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha10 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha10.
22 months ago debian/4.0_alpha10-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha10-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha9 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha9.
2 months ago debian-next
3 months ago debian
7 months ago debian-old-4.0
13 months ago pristine-tar
13 months ago upstream
2 years ago debian-old-3.0
3 years ago master
3 years ago debian-old-2.0
4 years ago debian-old-1.0