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last changeSun, 25 Jan 2015 08:15:13 +0000 (09:15 +0100)
2015-01-25 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a1-1. debian debian/5.0_a1-1
2015-01-25 Daniel BaumannDropping wheezy from config trees.
2015-01-25 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0.3-1. debian/4.0.3-1
2015-01-07 Daniel BaumannUpdating d-i bootparameter separator for jessie.
2014-12-12 Daniel BaumannRemoving nvclock from dkms.list.chroot_install package...
2014-11-21 Daniel BaumannHarmonizing mate-desktop package list.
2014-11-21 Daniel BaumannHarmonizing cinnamon-desktop package list.
2014-11-21 Daniel BaumannIncluding gstreamer-vaapi on jessie and newer desktop...
2014-10-25 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0.2-1. debian/4.0.2-1
2014-10-25 Daniel BaumannRemoving 4.0~a6-1 entries from 4.0~a7-1 changelog entry.
2014-10-25 Daniel BaumannDropping incomplete German manpage translations.
2014-10-25 Daniel BaumannDropping rescue flavour, we only want to build images...
2014-09-27 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.9.6.
2014-09-14 Ben ArmstrongFixing reversed logic for plymouth-drm: only in wheezy.
2014-09-13 victoryAdd Japanese translation.
2014-09-13 Daniel BaumannReplacing live-config leftover in bug-presubj with...
10 hours ago debian/4.0.4-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.4-1.
2 months ago debian/5.0_a1-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a1-1.
2 months ago debian/4.0.3-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.3-1.
5 months ago upstream/4.0.2 Tagging upstream version 4.0.2.
5 months ago debian/4.0.2-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.2-1.
7 months ago upstream/4.0.1 Tagging upstream version 4.0.1.
7 months ago debian/4.0.1-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.1-1.
7 months ago upstream/4.0.0 Tagging upstream version 4.0.0.
7 months ago debian/4.0.0-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.0-1.
8 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha26 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha26.
8 months ago debian/4.0_alpha26-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha26-1.
10 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha25 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha25.
10 months ago debian/4.0_alpha25-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha25-1.
11 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha24 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha24.
11 months ago debian/4.0_alpha24-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha24-1.
12 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha23 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha23.
10 hours ago debian-old-4.0
10 hours ago debian-next
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5 months ago pristine-tar
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