11 days ago Daniel BaumannDropping temporarily added jessie-only markings for... debian-next
12 days ago Daniel BaumannSetting empty suffix for consistency reason in wheezy...
12 days ago Daniel BaumannUpdating for jessie alpha1.
12 days ago Daniel BaumannBumping version for next wheezy point release.
2014-07-07 Daniel BaumannTemporarily skipping testing-removed molly-guard from...
2014-06-26 Daniel BaumannAdding haveged to lxc-server list.
2014-06-26 Daniel BaumannDropping explicit python3 from lxc-server list.
2014-06-12 Daniel BaumannDropping temporary distribution overrides for lxc-server.
2014-06-12 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha25-1. debian debian/4.0_alpha25-1
2014-06-12 Daniel BaumannAdding lxc-server image in manpage.
2014-06-12 Daniel BaumannAdding lxc-server image to example scripts.
2014-06-12 Daniel BaumannAdding mate-desktop image.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriAdding .po integrity check target to manpages/Makefile.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriUpdating translation files.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriAdding '--package-version' to po4a options.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriRemoving obsolete flag '--no-backups' from po4a options.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriCorrecting package name in po4a options.
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannMarking criu as amd64 armhf only.
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha24-1. debian/4.0_alpha24-1
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannMaking package lists derivatives friendlier.
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannUsing open-vm-tools-desktop package on jessie and newer.
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannBumping depends on live-build to 4.x.
2014-05-07 Daniel BaumannAdding lxc-server image configuration.
2014-05-05 Daniel BaumannMarking console-tools in localization.list.chroot as...
2014-04-28 Daniel BaumannAdding example scripts for non-free.
2014-04-27 Daniel BaumannUpdating for jessie alpha1.
2014-04-26 Daniel BaumannUpdating for wheezy 7.5.
2014-03-31 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha23-1. debian/4.0_alpha23-1
2014-03-31 Daniel BaumannBuilding with dh --parallel.
2014-02-10 Daniel BaumannUpdating examples for 7.4.
2014-02-08 Daniel BaumannUpdating copyright notices for 2014.
2013-12-05 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha22-1. debian/4.0_alpha22-1
2013-12-05 Daniel BaumannIncluding zfs-fuse in rescue list (Closes: #731483).
2013-11-04 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha21-1. debian/4.0_alpha21-1
2013-11-04 Daniel BaumannRenaming hook files for live-build 4.0~alpha29.
2013-10-28 Daniel BaumannUpdating to standards version 3.9.5.
2013-10-15 Daniel BaumannRewrapping control file.
2013-10-14 Daniel BaumannUpdating package descriptions.
2013-10-01 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha20-1. debian/4.0_alpha20-1
2013-09-02 Daniel BaumannAdding dcfldd to rescue package list.
2013-08-22 Daniel BaumannUpdating example script for later 7.2 images.
2013-08-22 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a19-1. debian/4.0_a19-1
2013-08-22 Daniel BaumannUpdating tag for 7.0.1 images in example build script.
2013-08-22 Daniel BaumannCorrecting exfat-fuse package name in rescue package...
2013-08-17 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a18-1. debian/4.0_a18-1
2013-08-17 Daniel BaumannAdding note about lb build in images readmefile.
2013-07-01 Daniel BaumannAdding reaver to rescue package list.
2013-07-01 Daniel BaumannRemoving firmware packages from rescue list, they get...
2013-06-24 Daniel BaumannAdding clonezilla in rescue package list.
2013-06-09 Daniel BaumannAdding exfat-utils and fuse-exfat to rescue package...
2013-05-30 Richard NelsonRevert "Return the error code from auto/build script."
2013-05-27 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a17-1. debian/4.0_a17-1
2013-05-27 Daniel BaumannIncluding memtest86+ in syslinux menu (Closes: #709887).
2013-05-22 Richard NelsonReturn the error code from auto/build script.
2013-05-07 Daniel BaumannChecking out specified tag in wheezy example script...
2013-05-05 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a16-1. debian/4.0_a16-1
2013-05-05 Daniel BaumannUpdating example build script for wheezy.
2013-04-30 Daniel BaumannCorrecting variable typo in example build script.
2013-04-26 Daniel BaumannSplitting up dkms package lists in an install and a...
2013-04-25 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a15-1. debian/4.0_a15-1
2013-04-22 Daniel BaumannDropping conflicts/replaces to live-image-all again.
2013-04-14 Daniel BaumannIncluding i965-va-driver for wheezy now too.
2013-04-09 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a14-1. debian/4.0_a14-1
2013-04-09 Daniel BaumannCorrecting typo in package name for live-image-all...
2013-04-06 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a13-1. debian/4.0_a13-1
2013-04-06 Daniel BaumannAdding temporary conflicts/replaces to live-images...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a12-1. debian/4.0_a12-1
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannRenaming live-image-all metapackage to live-images...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a11-1. debian/4.0_a11-1
2013-04-01 Ben ArmstrongAdding sudo to installer list to ensure post-install...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannHandling source enabled/disabled trigger from within...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannIntending lb config options for easier diffing.
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannAdding examples to automatic syntax checking in topleve...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannBuilding non-free set with KMS disabled for radeon...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannAdding script used to build pre-built wheezy image...
2013-04-01 Daniel BaumannDebranding package for derivatives.
2013-03-10 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a10-1. debian/4.0_a10-1
2013-03-10 Daniel BaumannRemoving all references to my old email address.
2013-03-02 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a9-1. debian/4.0_a9-1
2013-03-02 Daniel BaumannUpdating live-manual meta-package name in package lists.
2013-03-01 Daniel BaumannCorrecting spelling typos, thanks to Adam D. Barratt...
2013-03-01 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a8-1. debian/4.0_a8-1
2013-02-18 Daniel BaumannExpliclity setting linux flavours to not rely on intern...
2013-02-17 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a7-1. debian/4.0_a7-1
2013-02-17 Daniel BaumannShuffeling package lists arround to include task-laptop...
2013-02-15 Daniel BaumannUsing 'A' shortcut key for 'Advanced options' in syslin...
2013-02-14 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a6-1. debian/4.0_a6-1
2013-02-14 Daniel BaumannRemoving superfluous menu default directive in installe...
2013-02-09 Daniel BaumannAdjusting depends against live-build again, it needs...
2013-02-08 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a5-1. debian/4.0_a5-1
2013-02-08 Daniel BaumannDon't dereference symlinks for image configs in topleve...
2013-02-08 Daniel BaumannAdding initial set of bootloader themes.
2013-02-08 Daniel BaumannLowering strict depends on live-build 3.0 to be fulfill...
2013-02-08 Daniel BaumannAdding hook to disable isc-dhcp-server in rescue image.
2013-01-23 Daniel BaumannDropping dpkg compression level.
2013-01-20 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~a4-1. debian/4.0_a4-1
2013-01-20 Daniel BaumannAdding config/control for live-build 4.x in gitignore...
2013-01-20 Daniel BaumannRemoving config/control for live-build 4.x in auto...
2013-01-17 Daniel BaumannIncluding i965-va-driver in sid on the desktop images.
2013-01-16 Daniel BaumannUnmarking ntop as sid only.