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last changeTue, 22 Jul 2014 09:23:35 +0000 (11:23 +0200)
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha35-1. debian debian/4.0_alpha35-1
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannRenumbering components.
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannAdding component to configure cron for LXC required...
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha34-1. debian/4.0_alpha34-1
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannAlso recreating ed25519 hostkeys in openssh-server...
2014-07-22 Daniel BaumannAdding component to configure login for LXC required...
2014-07-18 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha33-1. debian/4.0_alpha33-1
2014-07-18 Nik LutzDisable CapabilityBoundingSet for systemd-logind in...
2014-07-18 Nik LutzAdding sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount to list of service...
2014-07-18 Nik LutzReplacing 'systemctl mask' with 'ln -sf /dev/null'...
2014-05-26 Carlos ZuferriAdding '--package-version' to po4a options.
2014-05-25 Carlos ZuferriAdding .po integrity check target to manpages/Makefile.
2014-05-06 Daniel BaumannUpdating preseed file for 4.0~alpha32-1.
2014-03-31 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 4.0~alpha32-1. debian/4.0_alpha32-1
2014-03-31 Daniel BaumannBuilding with dh --parallel.
2014-03-26 chalsUpdating dates in several manpages.
16 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha35 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha35.
16 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha34 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha34.
16 months ago debian/4.0_alpha35-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha35-1.
16 months ago debian/4.0_alpha34-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha34-1.
16 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha33 Tagging upstream version 4.0~alpha33.
16 months ago debian/4.0_alpha33-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha33-1.
19 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha32 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha32.
19 months ago debian/4.0_alpha32-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha32-1.
23 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha31 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha31.
23 months ago debian/4.0_alpha31-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha31-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha30 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha30.
2 years ago debian/4.0_alpha30-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha30-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha29 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha29.
2 years ago debian/4.0_alpha29-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha29-1.
2 years ago upstream/4.0_alpha28 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha28.
2 years ago debian/4.0_alpha28-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha28-1.
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