ownerRichard Nelson
last changeMon, 24 Mar 2014 15:17:02 +0000 (10:17 -0500)
2014-03-24 Richard NelsonAdd some amixer defaults to 9900-virtualbox. debian
2014-03-24 Richard NelsonRenamed 900-virtualbox to 9900-virtualbox.
2014-01-28 Richard NelsonAdjust the default session for display manager should...
2014-01-18 Richard NelsonConfigure LIVE_USERNAME variable for use in 900-virtualbox.
2012-12-13 Daniel BaumannCorrecting spelling typo in bug script.
2012-04-30 Richard NelsonStart VirtualBox in full screen mode.
2012-04-30 Richard NelsonAdd user to vboxusers group and append /etc/fstab for...
2012-04-08 Daniel BaumannMaking extraction of the manpage section in manpages...
2012-01-15 Daniel BaumannUpdating to debhelper version 9.
2011-11-30 Richard NelsonUtilize IMAGEPATH as mount point for virtualbox partition.
2011-11-28 Richard NelsonMore clean trailing whitespace on 900-virtualbox.
2011-11-27 Richard NelsonClean trailing whitespace on 900-virtualbox.
2011-11-27 Richard NelsonInitial commit of 900-virtualbox for live-config.
2011-10-08 Daniel BaumannUsing compression level 9 also for binary packages.
2011-06-21 Richard NelsonStart network-manager in stalonetray behind vmware...
2011-06-21 Daniel BaumannMaking references to debian more distribution neutral.
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