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last changeTue, 28 Apr 2015 05:19:38 +0000 (07:19 +0200)
14 hours ago Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a3-1. debian debian-next debian/5.0_a3-1
14 hours ago Daniel BaumannWaiting until all ethernet devices are up on multi...
15 hours ago Tails developersRefactoring duplicate identical call to mount.
15 hours ago Tails developersRemoving unused variables.
15 hours ago Tails developersRemoving obsolete code.
15 hours ago Tails developersAdding missing quotes.
15 hours ago Tails developersCleaning up comment to keep only the part that's releva...
15 hours ago Tails developersRemoving attempt to mount overlayfs in an obsolete...
15 hours ago Tails developersPatch by Steven Shiau <>. The only...
2 days ago Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a2-1.
2015-04-08 victoryUnfuzzy Japanese translation.
2015-04-02 Gaudenz SteinlinModprobe filesystem modules before checking support.
2015-01-04 Tom JampenAdding command line parameter to remove persistence.
2015-01-04 Daniel BaumannReleasing debian version 5.0~a1-1. debian/5.0_a1-1
2015-01-04 Daniel BaumannUpdating year in copyright notices to 2015.
2015-01-04 Daniel BaumannSimplifying code a bit after removal of no longer suppo...
14 hours ago debian/5.0_a3-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a3-1.
2 days ago debian/5.0_a2-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a2-1.
3 months ago debian/5.0_a1-1 Tagging debian version 5.0~a1-1.
4 months ago debian/4.0.2-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.2-1.
6 months ago upstream/4.0.1 Tagging upstream version 4.0.1.
6 months ago debian/4.0.1-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.1-1.
8 months ago upstream/4.0.0 Tagging upstream version 4.0.0.
8 months ago debian/4.0.0-1 Tagging debian version 4.0.0-1.
12 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha21 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha21.
12 months ago debian/4.0_alpha21-1 Tagging debian version 4.0~alpha21-1.
12 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha20 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha20.
12 months ago debian/4.0_alpha20-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha20-1.
14 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha19 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha19.
14 months ago debian/4.0_alpha19-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha19-1.
17 months ago upstream/4.0_alpha18 Tagging upstream version 4.0_alpha18.
17 months ago debian/4.0_alpha18-1 Tagging debian version 4.0_alpha18-1.
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